BodyPump 87 Teaching Tips

  Back again, with my personal teaching tips for the latest BodyPump release from Les Mills! Truth be told, anytime Emma Barry is on a release, it becomes an instant favorite for me as I watch her coaching and connecting style over and over again. Talk about seamless perfection. 🙂 From how she uses her voice, her eyes, her body language…everything speaks together for fitness magic. Strictly my opinion, of course, but there’s just something […]

Kid-friendly (and healthy) baked pasta…and other ideas

I’m a big believer in teaching kids about making healthy choices around eating as early as possible in their life. This means I’m one of those Mom’s who take my kids shopping and teach them to read labels in the store. So for instance, when they take me to the dreaded cereal aisle, I just simply say, “It has to be less than 10g of sugar”. That’s the rule and they know it. If it […]