Giving Truth a Voice

  The power of the spoken word!  Research from the University of California found that women speak an average of 20,000 words every day, compared to men who speak only 7000.  Yes…that is almost three times as many words from women!  Now, that may not be shocking to some, especially the men who might be reading this, but, humor aside, it raises an interesting question for me.  What are we spending so many words talking […]

What’s Better than Being Busy?

    Busyness. It seems to be the cultural norm these days. Between the demands of work and basic family life, we also need to balance kid activities, finding time for own fitness, and then there is food shopping, laundry, food prep, house cleaning, pet care, personal development, precious girlfriend time…I feel like I’m forgetting something??!! I’m sure we can all add at least one more demand to the above list which throws us over […]

A little cheese with that WHINE?

I’m writing to you today from the comfort of my home…at least that is where I am in the physical sense.  However, spiritually and emotionally speaking, I am absolutely in a desert phase of life.  Life isn’t just uncomfortable… it’s downright tough.  There is strife, mixed with loneliness, uncertainty and a good dose of anxiety to make it feel almost hopeless at times!   Can you relate?  Maybe your “recipe” is slightly different than mine, […]