A little cheese with that WHINE?

I’m writing to you today from the comfort of my home…at least that is where I am in the physical sense.  However, spiritually and emotionally speaking, I am absolutely in a desert phase of life.  Life isn’t just uncomfortable… it’s downright tough.  There is strife, mixed with loneliness, uncertainty and a good dose of anxiety to make it feel almost hopeless at times!   Can you relate?  Maybe your “recipe” is slightly different than mine, […]

When Loyalty Doesn’t Pay Off

In almost every manner of thinking, acting or doing, we esteem Loyalty as a value to be honored and revered. I mean seriously, when is loyalty not a good thing? Is it even possible? YES! When we have unwavering loyalty to our past, it’s a guaranteed disaster in the making for our future! It guarantees we will repeat harmful and destructive patterns even if our intention is to avoid that exact thing. It’s a sad ironical […]

Ready, Fire, AIM!

I wonder if you are like me?  I am a planner.  Big time.  I think it’s partly how I naturally operate, but mostly, I think it’s who I’ve been trained to be as a corporate executive.  The pro of being a strategic thinker is that I was able to breathe new ideas into life from sheer whitespace.  It’s fun and energizing quite honestly.  Then there is the con or downside of being strategic in a […]