What’s Better than Being Busy?

    Busyness. It seems to be the cultural norm these days. Between the demands of work and basic family life, we also need to balance kid activities, finding time for own fitness, and then there is food shopping, laundry, food prep, house cleaning, pet care, personal development, precious girlfriend time…I feel like I’m forgetting something??!! I’m sure we can all add at least one more demand to the above list which throws us over […]

Do Not Fear…is that even possible?

  I used to post on Facebook every Friday a post about addressing fear in our life.  I called it #FearlessFriday and was really passionate about it, because i knew from my own life, what a detriment fear can play in living an abundant and fulfilling life.  Today I find myself needing to be reminded what FEAR actually means. That’s why I love this acronym. False Evidence Appearing Real. Truth is most often what we […]