We all know that our words have an impact on those around us.  We are taught to choose our words wisely from the time we learn to speak as toddlers and pre-schoolers.  Many of us learn, as early as elementary school that words can hurt.  As we grow into young adults, we learn that our words leave a wake behind us.  Speak positively and the people we interact with are left feeling encouraged and more connected.  If we speak negatively and with judgment, we can be sure to leave a wake of brokenness and hurt feelings.  And although many of us understand this concept as it relates to our connections with people, we don’t always act as if this same theory applies to our self-talk and the wake we leave in our own hearts and minds.

If we’re honest, the harshest judgment we hold is typically for ourselves.  For those folks who (like me) tend toward a perfection mentality, this is a really tough space for us.  We berate ourselves for making stupid mistakes or careless errors in judgment or even for embarrassing ourselves because we don’t know something everyone else apparently does!  It’s maddening at times how flawed we are, isn’t it?  It’s when we know we are flawed that we are left with a choice of what to do with that piece of information.

If we’re not careful, we align ourselves with the wrong adjective.  Instead of just the action being stupid, we label ourselves as stupid…or careless…or embarrassing.  The list is endless and potentially harmful, as we attribute these awful descriptors to ourselves in ways that misalign us with the truth of who God created us to be…in HIS image.

To go one step further, if we believe that God can’t create junk, then God can’t create a stupid or useless human.  Are we flawed?  Of course…it’s in our essence as human beings.  Here’s the cool part.  He knew that then (when we were created) and He still knows it.  We surely don’t surprise Him when we mess up!

Listen to what He says to us…Yes, you are flawed…”AND still worthy”.  Worthy of what? I could go on and on here, so instead allow me to share just 3 of my “AND still worthy” statements I’ve experienced in the midst of my flaws

  • Love:   Just as my initial response to my kids when they make a mistake is to let them know I still love them and believe in them, how much more does God want to speak that to me/you?  Let’s face it, He’s God! We can’t create a mess that He can’t fix:)
  • Blessings:  So many times in the Bible we read that God takes a tough situation and turns it into a blessing.  From Joseph to David to Paul, we see God’s willingness to turn our mistakes into opportunities to bless us.
  • Second chances:  I could write a book on this one.  He is the God of second (and third and even fourth) chances.  The struggle IS real.  So I’m grateful He looks at our intention more than our outcome.  He never loses patience with us for his resources are immeasurable (although I think I often times drain Him).

So,  the application today is to honestly evaluate your own self-narrative.  It’s so easy to recognize our own flaws…I don’t think anyone needs help with that!  It what we say after that matters most though.  So what is your “AND still…” statement?  I’d love to hear if you’re willign to share.  I am flawed AND still…?

“I am flawed AND still…?”


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