In a career that spans over 25 years of executive leadership and multi-level management, Ingrid Owen has helped organizations create vision, strategy and engagement that is grounded in reality and results. Extensive experience includes mission, goals and objectives setting, and program development that maximizes staff and resource utilization and improves operational outcomes. While an expert in fitness, principles she employs are applicable, relevant and scalable to the business philosophy and practices of all organizations – no matter their industry and size.

Trained through the Coaches Training Institute, Ingrid is an accomplished coach and facilitator, guiding and motivating others to achieve better business results for themselves, their team(s) and company. Here are a few examples of what she can drive for you:

  • Vision and thought leadership
  • Strategy sessions
  • Team building sessions
  • Program planning, development and implementation

Interested in learning more about Ingrid and how she can help you accomplish your professional and organizational goals? Leave a comment below and she will reach out to you soon.

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