Originally posted April 9, 2016 on LinkedIn Pulse:

buildingalegacyBuilding a legacy isn’t hard. We all are building one, whether we know it or not. Somebody is watching and following our example whether we acknowledge it or not – might be our kids, our siblings, our coworkers. Whoever you are, you are building a legacy. Regardless of our intentions, our actions and words will always leave a wake which translates, over time, into a legacy.

So then the question becomes, what kind of legacy have we already built and do we we need to repair it or keep building on the foundation we’ve started with a few minor tweaks? In personal development, we all need to answer two questions to determine the answer.

1.  What do we want to be known for accomplishing in life?

2.  What do we want said about us as a person?

Most of the time, we focus on the first question – what do we want to be known for in terms of accomplishments. For me, that’s about being a successful business woman/executive AND an engaged, present Mom. I want to be known for doing both really well. I want to encourage other women that they can do the same. I want to make sure people know it’s okay to be imperfect at both and still be successful.

Now that’s different than what I want to be known for as a person. And it’s the work I’ve done in clarifying this that has changed me the most. I want to be known for being authentic, humble, inspiring, kind and non-judgmental. I want to be known for having real relationships with the people I love … not superficial ones. I want to be known as someone that inspires others to dig deeper and find faith. Once I took the time to define that, I then had to take a hard honest look at the “wake” I was leaving and readjust as necessary. Want to know one more nugget of truth? I have to keep looking and readjusting. It’s easier once your North Star burns bright though … that’s what keeps you on track to building your legacy right.

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