Originally posted August 26, 2016 on LinkedIn Pulse: Let's face it ... one of big buzz words out there today is "purpose". Apparently, we all have one. Surprisingly though, it's also hidden from us ... ? Hence, we need a half dozen books and a mid-life crisis (or two) to help us find the courage and tools to go discover it. Or maybe that's just my story? (more…)
Originally posted April 9, 2016 on LinkedIn Pulse: Building a legacy isn't hard. We all are building one, whether we know it or not. Somebody is watching and following our example whether we acknowledge it or not - might be our kids, our siblings, our coworkers. Whoever you are, you are building a legacy. (more…)
Originally posted December 8, 2015 on LinkedIn Pulse: This is a universal business truth- no matter the industry. If you want to succeed in business, you must start by building a winning team. A winning team has a few key traits to it that contribute to company success. (more…)