I wonder if you are like me?  I am a planner.  Big time.  I think it's partly how I naturally operate, but mostly, I think it's who I've been trained to be as a corporate executive.  The pro of being a strategic thinker is that I was able to breathe new ideas into life from sheer whitespace.  It's fun and energizing quite honestly.  Then there is the con or downside of being strategic in a
We all know that our words have an impact on those around us.  We are taught to choose our words wisely from the time we learn to speak as toddlers and pre-schoolers.  Many of us learn, as early as elementary school that words can hurt.  As we grow into young adults, we learn that our words leave a wake behind us.  Speak positively and the people we interact with are left feeling encouraged and more connected.
Originally posted August 26, 2016 on LinkedIn Pulse: Let's face it ... one of big buzz words out there today is "purpose". Apparently, we all have one. Surprisingly though, it's also hidden from us ... ? Hence, we need a half dozen books and a mid-life crisis (or two) to help us find the courage and tools to go discover it. Or maybe that's just my story? (more…)