Family Visit

  One of the many benefits of spending time back home with my family is the insights my kids get into me as their Mom.  To spend time with my family means you hear stories...lots of them.  And although, those stories have been told many times before (much to my dismay), my kids relish in hearing about when I was young, immature, not so smart and well...just not who I am today! It adds dimension
Like any good woman, I went and got my hair done today. I ended up talking to one of the hair stylists who hadn't seen me since the last time I was in a few months ago (no judgements please!).  She remarked at how healthy and happy I looked compared to the last time she spoke with me.  Now, to create some context, the last time I spoke with her was about 6 weeks after
Sitting in the grass watching what I believe will be the first of many football practices. There's just something about watching your boy play football. The pads, helmets, cleats and hot August night just reminds me that I'm following a trajectory that so many Mom's have traveled before me. I want to capture tonight and remember it forever, because I fear that in a blink of an eye, he'll be a senior playing his last