Nap Time is the Best Time

  Something happens as we mature from kids to adults that makes the concept of REST incredibly difficult to do.  Perhaps because it was forced on us as kids, we tend to believe that as adults, we don’t need it anymore.  Resting is just for kids, right?  Kids need to rest or nap during the day because they’re kids!  Real adulting means we sleep 6-7 hours a night and go go go all day.  Caffeine addictions […]

Giving Truth a Voice

  The power of the spoken word!  Research from the University of California found that women speak an average of 20,000 words every day, compared to men who speak only 7000.  Yes…that is almost three times as many words from women!  Now, that may not be shocking to some, especially the men who might be reading this, but, humor aside, it raises an interesting question for me.  What are we spending so many words talking […]

When Loyalty Doesn’t Pay Off

In almost every manner of thinking, acting or doing, we esteem Loyalty as a value to be honored and revered. I mean seriously, when is loyalty not a good thing? Is it even possible? YES! When we have unwavering loyalty to our past, it’s a guaranteed disaster in the making for our future! It guarantees we will repeat harmful and destructive patterns even if our intention is to avoid that exact thing. It’s a sad ironical […]