I used to post on Facebook every Friday a post about addressing fear in our life.  I called it #FearlessFriday and was really passionate about it, because i knew from my own life, what a detriment fear can play in living an abundant and fulfilling life.  Today I find myself needing to be reminded what FEAR actually means. That’s why I love this acronym. False Evidence Appearing Real. Truth is most often what we are fearing or worrying about never comes to full reality. But man does it kill some serious joy in the meantime!

Wanna know an interesting factoid? The Bible quotes God and Jesus as saying “Do not fear” 365 times. Coincidence? I think not. How cool that God knows us so well that He knows we will find places and spaces where we feel fear regularly.  So He prepared a “Do not fear” for every single day that can help us stay in the Truth. And the Truth is simply this…He isn’t anywhere near as surprised as we are when bad news hits. He’s been prepared to help us by the time the storm hits.  We’re surprised and shocked and he’s ready and willign already. Because…

• He already knew about the doctors diagnosis
• He already knew about the financial uncertainty
• He already knew about the sudden job loss
• He already knew about the divorce or broken relationship
• He already knows about the dream that is struggling to stay alive in your heart
• He already knows about the choices your kids/loved ones make that scare you

He knows what you’re facing. He’s not judging you…he’s waiting to help you.  He’s got a “Do Not Fear” for you this morning. And another for tomorrow and the day after that…just in case you need it.

Lean in friends. Hear the still small voice speaking to you about whatever is causing your heart to fear the future.

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